Analysis of the Development of B2B E-commerce Based on Township

In recent years, China's e-commerce has developed very fast. Online shopping malls, group buying websites, and websites have mushroomed and emerged overnight. The B2B website is developing rapidly, comprehensively, and vertical in the industry. More and more, but most websites focus on the city. Many websites have branch offices in major cities. Then these companies compete fiercely. Everyone is trying to attract customers. To their own website, but in this fierce scene, there are other people who saw a new market, that is, township B2B e-commerce.

According to relevant surveys, the gap between urban and rural areas in China is still very large. Although in cities, companies basically know how to conduct network marketing, even a considerable number of companies rely on online marketing to obtain profits, but they are still in rural areas. Just starting stage. Of course, rural areas are still basically connected to the Internet. However, most companies do not understand e-commerce and do not understand e-marketing. Even if some people understand e-commerce, they still stay on the basis of doing a website. Then what? Then you don't know what to do, only to be a facade.

Although this market has just started, it is very large. So many people have realized that this is a great business opportunity. So some people have already established their own township-based B2B e-commerce website. However, how the website is developed after it is a difficult problem, after all, electronics There are too many business profit models, and there are no fixed ones, so we can only slowly explore. Since there is no fixed model, we can study it step by step. How can we develop it?

First, the most primitive profit model of e-commerce is the membership system. Since this is the case, we can first recruit agents in various regions, because companies cannot send people to do business everywhere, even if they go, not local People do not understand the situation, so agents are the best way. With agents, they can lay a good foundation for future fee-paying members.

Second, since the township and township enterprises have remained in the consciousness of being a website, they can meet their requirements in the early stage and make the corporate templates very beautiful, in full compliance with the requirements of a corporate website. And to make enterprise user centers do a good job, this is not a good job to do a good job, but should do a good job user experience. Because after all, their computer knowledge is limited and they cannot engage in too complex functions. With this, companies can dress their websites in line with their requirements. This is the first step to making a profit.

Thirdly, after a period of time, building websites for enterprises, after having a certain membership, and then members registered on the website for a period of time, their Internet knowledge should also have increased. Of course, during this period, we The website should provide enterprises with e-commerce and online marketing knowledge and publicity at regular intervals. When they have this knowledge, they will have new requirements. At this time, the website should also be on the right track. The number has increased a lot. The content of the website has reached a certain number. The weight of the website in the search engines should also be good. At this time, companies will ask why no one on my site registered on your website called or searched. The engine can't be searched. At this time, it can promote another business of the website, search engine marketing or website ranking.

Fourth, when the membership and content of the website continue to rise, more than half of the website’s actual information will be available. At this time, it is possible to implement bid ranking within the station, and at the same time implement a series of services such as online transaction procurement.

Fifth, for powerful companies, some on-site procurement meetings can be held offline. This is also a big income, but this operability is too strong and it is a bit complicated. Please exercise caution.

Of course, the profit-making method is far more than this. I am just here to give a pin and say a few points. Any model must be based on the actual situation of the company. Only constant adjustment can achieve the best results.

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