Foreign shopping malls at the end of the year discount semi-free exit tour is popular

[May Point Network] Although it entered the low season of winter tourism, the travel agency's competition for product quality has always maintained a hot trend. In the interview, the reporter found that in the past, the group travel-oriented travel agency exited the product...

[] Although mai point networks into the winter tourist season, but the travel agency for product quality competition has remained popular trend. In the interview, the reporter found that in the past, the travel agency's outbound products and free-action main online travel and outbound products were beginning to approach semi-free travel, and the semi-free travel that added a lot of free time to the team trip became a new trend.

Half a free half of the team tour

Outbound tours with 1-2 days of free time during the trip have been published in recent times. Whether it is a tour of Southeast Asia or a tour of Europe and the United States, most of the outbound team tour products are filled with free time, and visitors can choose to shop or visit. For example, the National Travel Service's paradise Bali Bali 6th Mangrove Tour, which includes two days of free time; launched the Italian + Switzerland + France 10th Deep Shopping Spree group, arranged two days to let the guests free Activities, with shopping guides, and arrange shuttle bus to travel to local malls.

"The current group tour that arranges free time, that is, the semi-free line popular among tourists, does account for a large proportion of the line." Sun Lizhen, manager of Huayuan International Travel Market, said, "From the island tour, semi-free travel. The mode line accounts for 60%-70% of the total line. Boracay, Bali, Phuket, etc., all the islands that are counted up, basically have such a route. This is mainly because visitors look at the local scenery. In addition, it is necessary to get in touch with the sea and go deep into the local tour. In addition, the semi-free travel is also appearing on a large scale in the European and American itineraries around Christmas this year. Since this time period is just the traditional shopping season in Europe, the shopping mall discount is very attractive. Most tourists have a "shopping" demand.

The tourism industry is optimistic about semi-free travel

The reporter noticed that both the traditional travel agency with team travel as the biggest profit point and the online travel industry that started from the free travel line all favored the “semi-free travel” model, and launched similar products this winter.

Guo Wei, assistant general manager of Maitu International Travel Service, told reporters that the advent of such routes is mainly due to the needs of consumers. The semi-free travel mode appears in regions and time periods. At present, it is the shopping season. If you continue to launch a team tour that is visited all day long in Europe and America, visitors will not choose such a product. The sales of semi-free products are wider than free travel, and it is also because most tourists have language barriers or have no difficulty in scheduling their trips. Therefore, semi-free lines have emerged.

Tourism will enter the era of quality

Industry insiders said that the State Council executive meeting passed the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Tourism Industry", saying that it will relax the access to the tourism market and encourage the fair participation of social capital and various ownership enterprises. We will promote the restructuring and restructuring of state-owned tourism enterprises, support the development of private and small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, and actively introduce foreign-funded tourism enterprises. For a time, the travel industry set off a discussion about whether to fight for quality or price, and how online travel competes with traditional travel agencies. A travel agency manager told reporters that from the current tourism industry to meet the needs of tourists to play a product war, the industry will clearly focus on quality as a key point for future competition. “Taking outbound travel as an example, due to people’s shopping habits, it’s hard to just see the online introduction and pay for the travel expenses of 10,000 yuan online, plus the relatively narrow audiences without language barriers, Ctrip and other online travel supplies. The free travel of merchants has been restricted to a certain extent. The traditional travel agency has a large sales team support, and the accumulation of large number of delegations for many years enables them to get more competitive airfare and hotel resources, but the team model is not free enough. It is difficult to cater to the needs of tourists. Therefore, the semi-free travel mode has been highly praised recently. Then the online game and the traditional travel agency game, we can see which product quality is more attractive to tourists." (Mobile Tencent)

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