Greek tourism is still shrinking this year

[May Point Network] American tourist Jimmy is very satisfied with his wife's trip to Greece. “The previous news from various information channels was very negative, and I believe that the locals have completely lost their lives...

[May Point Network] American tourist Jimmy is very satisfied with his wife's trip to Greece.

"The previous news from various information channels was very negative. I believe that the local has completely lost the basic order of life, and even can not guarantee the safety of passengers." Jimmy told the "First Financial Daily" reporter. But actually, after he arrived in Greece, he and his wife felt exactly the same. "The American media has been over-rendered. Before I planned to come to Greece, my mother sent me an email saying that I would check the local news, of course, through the United States. The website finally found out that all the news about Greece was violent and demonstrations, so I was a little nervous before I came here. After I got here, I found nothing, safe and orderly."

An Australian tourist admitted to the reporter that he had encountered some strikes when he first arrived in Athens, and some streets became very dangerous. But that's it, there's nothing else to worry about.

“The price of travel has been slightly lowered due to the fall of the euro.” Retired Taiwanese teacher Zhang told reporters that they are visiting three countries within 12 days, namely Egypt, Greece and Turkey. The overall offer is NT$120,000 (about RMB 25,526), ​​she thinks this price is very reasonable.

This is the intuitive feeling of most visitors to Greece, but from the perspective of the entire industry, the Greek tourism industry is still affected by the impact.

“In the past few weeks, the number of tourists has decreased a lot. Even some days, only the sparse tourists came to the Acropolis. This was related to strikes and demonstrations, and some of the plans for tourists and tour groups were disrupted.” Deputy Secretary-General of the Greek Chinese Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce Peng told reporters that "there is no doubt that the tourism industry is still shrinking this year."

A Alexandrou, a peddler who sells postcards and maps at the foot of the Acropolis, told this reporter that his business had fallen by 70% in the last two months.

According to the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, last year's tourism revenue fell 10% and will continue to fall this year. The Greek Tourism Research Forecasting Agency believes that German tourists will reduce their tourist season by 10% this summer and British tourists by 7%. The agency's previous report showed that foreign tourists travelling in Greece last summer fell 12.2% year-on-year, which is equivalent to a decrease of 1.72 million in the absolute number of Greek tourists, resulting in a loss of 1.61 billion euros.

The reduction in tourists also means that 47,000 people in the area are unemployed, accounting for 10% of the annual summer tourist season. At the same time that foreign tourists have shrunk severely, local tourists have also cancelled their travel plans.

Fortunately, French and Italian tourists may increase in the summer of 2010, and Russian tourists are expected to increase by 20%, but the agency believes that it is difficult to offset the losses caused by the reduction of German and British tourists.

“There are still many Chinese tourists to Greece, but they are still affected by the local strikes, especially the national general strikes in almost 10 days. The airport strikes, the plane can’t land, the monuments also “strike”, and finally the tourists ran over. See strike?” Zhang Buren, chairman of the China-Chongqing International Exchange Center, said frankly to this reporter.

"But from the whole Greek tourism situation, it should have been the Easter season in the peak season, the hotel occupancy rate was only 10% when the occupancy rate was the worst, some hotels had to discount promotions. From May, after the start of the traditional peak season, Discount sales are rare, but there is no rise in accommodation prices due to the peak season. The final result is that there is no price increase or price reduction, but the hotel occupancy rate is not high." Zhang Buyen said.

The local Chinese restaurant also felt the domino effect after this crisis. According to the introduction of the second Chinese restaurant in the local area, the group tour of the Chinese tour group is usually the main income of the hotel, accounting for 50% to 70%, and the rest is for local consumption. However, since the Greek government cut the "hospitality" of public funds, the consumption of local meals has decreased by about 20%. Even local people have changed from "tangden" to "out-of-band" for the small difference in price. The order for "group meals" has also been reduced by two to three percent. (First Financial Daily)

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