Hainan’s biggest ticket has to be said to have a tourist shady

[Maidian.com] Hainan Meijing Travel Agency Co., Ltd. and Hainan Tongda Holiday Travel Agency Co., Ltd. were respectively employed by the Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission for 100,000 yuan due to privately changing the itinerary and illegally hiring the "black guide".

[Maidian.com] Due to private changes in the itinerary and illegal use of "black guide", Hainan Meijing Travel Agency Co., Ltd. and Hainan Tongda Holiday Travel Agency Co., Ltd. were respectively imposed an administrative penalty of 100,000 yuan by the Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission. This is our province. The maximum amount of “tickets” issued to travel agencies so far.

In the face of disrupting Hainan's tourism order and damaging Hainan's tourism brands, the Provincial Tourism Commission has made a heavy blow and increased penalties. A note of the drug has alerted many tourist tourism companies that are still in the dark.

But these are all visible and inspected. As for the "black hole" behind the black screen, few people mention it. The first two days, the author received a call from a person in the tourism industry. The car they used was detained by the transportation department in Sanya. After deduction, they found that the car’s transfer permit was forged and faced a fine of tens of thousands of yuan. .

The author suggests that this person, since he is ruling, why not appeal to the media, let the media intervene and be innocent? His words are intriguing, and it is not easy to find a car in a unified schedule. If you get the car, if you sue someone, I am afraid you won’t be able to mix it in the future.

In contrast to the hatchback, the behavior of the tourism enterprises that disrupted the market order was punished as it should be, but the “Li Gui” hidden inside the management department was at large because of the jealousy of others. How to rectify the behavior of the tourism market from the root cause should be caused by the tourism authorities.

The author suggests that the tourism authorities may consider seeking a breakthrough in the vacuum management of the locusts from the following recommendations:

1. Establish a formal tourism vehicle management system in Haikou and Sanya. Park the coaches in one place, and the travel agency should send a commissioner to the vehicle management center to pick up the car, go through the relevant formalities, and wait until the formalities are complete before releasing the car.

Second, the violation of the rules of operation "one-vote exemption system." For such managers who disrupt the tourism market but no one dares to report, accountability should be considered, and such accountability should be ordered to leave the job due to violations.

Third, the tourist car registration system. One hundred secrets, even if the policies are perfect, it is inevitable that there will be mistakes. Then, consider setting up a tourism supervision station at the place where Xinglong, Sanya and other coaches spend the night, and manage the passing coaches to ensure that the black cars do not dare to go out and are arrested when they go out.

The author believes that to deal with the chaos of the tourism market, we should start from the root cause. Otherwise, the news that the travel agency will be punished will never be seen in the newspapers. (Southern Metropolis Daily)

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