How to use personal blogs or business blogs to promote overseas business!

As foreign trade professionals and network extension professionals have faced pressure from expansion of overseas businesses, only technological optimization (such as SEO) is not enough. This is an effective way to make your corporate website or a popular product possible. Click-through rate and PR value increase rapidly in a short period of time, but does the frequent fluctuation of PR value make everyone headache? Now I post in the forum, you may say that we also promote through the forum. But for a foreign trader, what about foreign countries? In my experience, we can build a personal or corporate blog with time and energy, and submit it to the major blogs abroad, thus broadening the scope of promotion. Now I will share with you some tips on how to make your blog traffic increase faster, and which looks very professional: (For example, chemical website, because I'm chemical! Oh!)

1. Write some development trends in this section. This section can write your own prospects for the industry, or you can reprint some industry news.

2. List blogs in your industry's best blogs The blogs are categorized, and there are always people with more experience than you, add their blog URLs and names to your "Top blogger" project column, and make your website look even more Professional authority!

3, set up a question area and submission area. Take the chemical website. If you are doing chemical trade, you want to promote your own website. You can display the link of your website in the question bar of the blog, and let the readers target you. This site asks questions or suggestions. This also avoids some unrelated messages.

4. Display photos and contact information of your related colleagues in a blog.
A team of my team can be set up to leave the responsibilities and mailboxes of relevant personnel. This looks more professional and more service-oriented.

5, Picture Setting Tips Photographs in the blog In addition to photos of yourself and colleagues, if there is an "album picture," we want to show our products and the company's LOGO.

6, Bowen content talked about Bowen can write some in-line information, in addition to this can also write something else. Note that "other" does not mean you are unscrupulous nonsense, but always around the products you want to promote and your company. For example, as a chemical colleague, you can write some linguistic terms, and you can even write the daily use of your own product. A professional person will read and discuss business with you. When an outsider looks at it, he or she can add knowledge. Why not? Of course, in order to ensure that the blog will not be too boring, you can also write some of your own work experience, work experience and even complaints, but to ensure not too frequent. Or write some of the autobiography of the giants in the industry, what negative news hype, this point to meet the people like to see people's ugly state of mind! (Haha, everyone, don't feel bad!)

7. Corresponding explanations for incidents in the pipeline are still taken in the chemical industry, which is chemical industry, and the foundation is chemistry. Therefore, if there is any incident such as melamine, we can write a blog post from the perspective of its composition, principle, and circulation. Not much to say, we are so smart and have experience, we should be able to understand!

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