Macau airport's cargo volume this year is not easy to break 10,000 tons

With the increase in the supply of transit, the cargo handling volume of the Macau airport has continued to record high. As of the end of August this year, the total cargo handling capacity of the airport has exceeded 130,000 tons. Earlier, some Macao air transport operators pointed out that it is believed that by the end of the year, the total volume of local airport processing could exceed 200,000 tons, ranking among the top 100 airports in the world.

However, Guo Lin, Chairman of the Macao Air Transport and Logistics Association, and a member of the Macao Logistics and Cargo Joint Chamber of Commerce have reservations on the above figures. The reason is that there are some variables in the growth of the airport cargo volume in the remaining months, and the annual handling volume is adjusted to more than 180,000 tons. More reasonable.

[b] quota spike airport variable [/b]

A member of the Macau Logistics and Cargo Association said that by the end of August, the total volume handled by the local airport had exceeded 130,000 tons, close to the design standard of the airport for the construction of 168,000 tons. According to the current increase in the volume of cargo handled by the airport, as long as there are no major force majeure accidents in the remaining months, it is believed that the total volume handled by the airport this year will exceed the planned ceiling.

But will the airport's annual handling volume exceed 200,000 tons? The industry has reservations, because to meet this standard, the average monthly airport handling volume will be at least 16,500 tons for the remaining four months of this year. However, in the past week, the cargo handling volume of the airport has dropped a little. According to industry practice, September is a relatively light season. As for whether the high growth of the previous month will be maintained in the next few months, the industry has doubts.

Coupled with the final year of the implementation of the clothing quota system this year, local manufacturers plan to lose the advantage of pre-lending the annual quota in the fourth quarter. In addition, the Guangzhou Huadu New Airport has been officially put into operation, and it is expected to divert some of the mainland sources that were originally planned to transit through Macao. All of the above factors have contributed to the increase in the volume of airport handling during the remaining four months. Therefore, it is reasonable to adjust the annual handling volume to more than 180,000 tons, which is easy to achieve.

[b]The cargo limit may be increased [/b]

In addition, the industry has also noticed that compared with other airports in the world, the local handling volume is more efficient, and the cargo turnover speed is faster. The average number of re-exports per batch of transit time is no more than four hours at the local airport. The airport usually takes between four and forty-eight hours, so the actual handling capacity of the local airport can approach the design ceiling. According to the current operation mode and management efficiency of the airport management authorities, the annual cargo handling capacity of the local airport may be adjusted to 20,000 tons.

Guo Lin, chairman of the Macau Air Transport and Logistics Association, predicted that the total amount of cargo handled at the airport this year will be around 180,000 tons, and he believes that the annual growth rate of handling cargo can reach 20 percent. According to industry practice, September is a low season for industry operations, and the volume of exports will be moderately reduced.

In the past year or two, Macao's local air transport industry has often had unexpected situations. For example, some of the time when the industry was expected to be quiet, the airport handled a lot of goods, but some of the originally expected peak periods were rare. Quiet. This phenomenon is related to the increasing influence of Macao on external factors.

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