Make shoes network CEO: decrypt the most valuable e-commerce website

Make shoes network CEO: decrypt the most valuable e-commerce website Recently, the "2011 China E-Commerce Operational Innovation Forum and 2011 China's Most Valuable Industry E-commerce Website Awards Ceremony" sponsored by the China Computer Newspaper and CCID Media, China's most famous footwear B2C platform shoes network won the "2011 The investment value e-commerce website "and" 2011 China's best footwear e-commerce website" title. In March 2011, iResearch consulted data through the iUserTracker, a monitoring tool for online user behavior, and published the relevant data rankings for the Chinese footwear B2C segment. The shoemaking network is also among the top three. According to this reporter's reporter's exclusive interview with Mr. Wang Jiancong, CEO of Shoe Network, to share the operating experience of footwear e-commerce companies.

Reporter: Hello Wang, I'm glad you can accept the interview with China Computer News. Wang: Hello!

Reporter: As far as we know, Wang is always a Hong Kong person. Why did you choose to be a company on the mainland?

Wang Zong: My ancestral home is also in southern Fujian. I grew up here. During this time, I witnessed the rise of shoe and clothing companies in Jinjiang and Shishi. Choosing to start a business here is a fancy to the development trend of the mainland. Developing China is a paradise for entrepreneurs.

Reporter: Through our previous understanding, you seem to be involved in e-commerce very early. What made you choose this industry?

Wang Zong: Before I had done foreign trade, the shoe and clothing industry in southern Fujian was very developed. When I entered this industry, the market had already reached a certain stage, and this time I missed the best opportunity again. However, I see that companies in this area have a low degree of informatization and lack a platform for footwear information exchange and resource sharing. Only then can they think of whether they can integrate these resources through e-commerce platforms and serve them to promote common development. So in 2003, I founded China's first footwear B2B platform - China Shoes. This platform has made indelible contributions to the most important supply chain integration since the establishment of in 2007.

Reporter: Is Jinzhou and Shishi in Quanzhou the ideal location for B2C business development? Why start your business in Quanzhou?

Wang: Jinjiang, Quanzhou, is China's branded shoe capital. 80% of the sports shoe brands are in Quanzhou, and a few are not in Quanzhou. Their production and processing plants are also here. Anta, Xtep, Hongxing Erke, Peak, Jordan, 361 More than 2,000 shoe brands such as Delphi and Dehui are located in Jinjiang. There are also some brands such as Feike and Yeli that may not be familiar to us. Many of us here are listed companies. Our company is here to communicate with suppliers more conveniently, and because the supplier's warehouse is nearby, so we don't need to stock inventory at present. .

Reporter: What is your customer base?

Wang Zong: The mass consumer groups, mainly students and working-class people, 80% of whom are men.

Reporter: I have noticed that some netizens classify footwear e-commerce as "Beijing" and "Shu". The "Beijing" faction should refer to e-commerce providers in Beijing, such as Le Tao and Hao Le Buy. The camp is mainly an e-commerce company in Fujian, represented by shoe-making networks and shoe stores. I think this is very interesting, like fighting in the legion. What do you think about this North-South dispute?

Wang Zong: If you are from a geographical point of view, footwear e-commerce really comes together in these two places, it should be said that each has its own advantages.

In Beijing, it is easy to gather high-quality talents, so recruiting people is easier than we are, but also easier to dock with the capital market. This is their advantage; here we mainly integrate the supply chain, which is also the e-commerce The important part.

As for the North-South dispute that you mentioned just now, I think we will soon “integrate” together because the marketing is there for them and the channel is for us. Nobody can leave anyone, so in the future we may set up branches in these two Area.

Reporter: We have seen many investment banks invest a large amount of funds in e-commerce. Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba have joined this group. They have money and traffic. Is it easier for them to succeed?

Wang Zong: I always think that the industries that do not understand will definitely lose out, so I only do what I specialize in. In footwear B2C, we have been plowing for many years. The shoe companies here are following us little by little to develop e-commerce. A deeper understanding of the industry chain is our advantage. From another point of view, now everyone has invested in footwear B2C, which proves that we chose B2C footwear as the right thing to do. It's not easy to say that you are talking about money and traffic. It's not easy to say now. Without spending money, we live well, so if we have money, I believe we will do better than them.

Reporter: We see that e-commerce nowadays, especially footwear e-commerce is very hot, but many people also suspect that e-commerce will come early in the winter. How do you see this?

Wang Zong: The e-commerce business's red fire is viewed from the surface as a result of the promotion of the capital market. In a deeper sense, it should be the inevitable result of market development. It may not be a bad thing for us to say that the e-commerce business’s winter is ahead of schedule, because this bubble component is broken up earlier and it is more conducive to companies that have already done a lot of basic work. We believe that what the market left is to have The core competitiveness of the company.

Reporter: Given that your competitors have already obtained a great deal of investment, what methods do you have to take to catch up with them?

Mr. Wang: First of all, I must stress that China’s footwear consumption market is vast and not one company can monopolize, but the current competitors’ leading position is still very small compared to the market size, and the gap with us is not great. The huge amount of wind investment invested by opponents has not effectively translated into a competitive advantage.

Reporter: Is there a plan to raise money for shoes? If you get financing, shoot shoes network will be like happy to buy, Le Tao, like advertising it?

Wang Zong: Now has been in contact with a number of venture capital institutions, because our audience is not the same positioning, storage and logistics are not the same, the future of the marketing model is also different, so VC is very similar to our operating model interested. As for the later marketing and promotion methods, since our audience is mainly mass consumer groups mainly composed of students and working-class people, our advertising will be more accurate and the conversion rate will be relatively higher.

Reporter: Is there any plan for the development of the mobile market? Isn't the mobile market important for making shoes?

Wang Zong: Because our consumer groups have the largest number of students, and students spend a lot of time on mobile phones, the cost of mobile marketing is not high at present. Therefore, we attach importance to the development of the mobile market. The mobile phone website has been launched on the mobile Internet. The effective excavation of resources is also the next important thing for us.

Reporter: What about new marketing? Shooting shoes network do microblogging marketing? How is the effect?

Wang Zong: We are optimistic about social media, and we also attach great importance to microblogging marketing. At present, we have set up a dedicated microblogging marketing team to do this. We currently rank first in the e-commerce category, and the microblogging marketing department also has sales tasks.

For example, during Father's Day in June, we held an event for sending blessings to Father's Day, bringing more than 10,000 retransmissions, bringing more than 30,000 IPs to sneaker networks, with a total of 1200 orders. Analysis of the microblogging marketing conversion rate is relatively high, can reach more than 4%, so we attach great importance, in the future may also be a geometric multiple growth.

Reporter: Good music and music are under construction warehouses, we want to know if there is no plan to shoot shoes network?

Wang Zong: Before this issue was considered, it was finally rejected by our team. At least it will not be done in the short term.

In this regard, we are different from our competitors in the industry. As I said before, there are more than 2,000 footwear brands around our company. If you want to buy inventory, no e-commerce company can eat so many products. How much do you spend? Can not buy it. Therefore, we use the deep channel relationship with these brands to use the API to connect with various suppliers for warehousing. After the system is docked, the whole Jinjiang is our warehouse, so now online sales of products can be made. More than a lot of competitors.

Reporter: Nowadays, the main B2C shoes are mainly sports shoes. Why don't we sell women's shoes? This is a question that I have been puzzled about. The women's shoes market should be bigger, and the shoes network will sell women's shoes. Children's shoes or luggage products? .

Wang Zong: Now that our male consumer groups are in the majority, sports shoes are easy to fit together and their consumption cycle is short. Because our customers are mainly students nowadays, they love sports and play basketball every day, so they usually wear bad shoes in 2-3 months. Repeated purchase rates will be higher, and sports shoes can be worn all year round. .

In fact, women's shoes are sold now, such as last month's Ggirl, Mansha Nisha and other new women's shoes brands have joined shoes network; also on Saturday, Sophia, Fibrel and other brands on the new line. Only our current focus is on sports shoes. In the next three years, our main development direction will be step-like expansion of sports shoes, casual shoes, business casual shoes, and leather shoes. As our consumer groups continue to grow, we will continue to grow. There are products that adapt to them. Shooting shoes network will not be horizontal development, we will extend vertically, intensive cultivation in the field of footwear, until it is refined to do thorough.

Reporter: Someone who talked about footwear B2C who first achieved 1 billion, who is the boss, how do you see this?

Wang Zong: We hope that friends who talked about this sentence should not be overly lazy. Compared with the market size of footwear, 1 billion is really small. In a few years, we will think this number will be very small. In fact, our market, even if you are now leading, I think it can not be regarded as the boss, maybe we have to calculate, our performance is how much cost to do.

Reporter: Belle Baidu invests 2 billion into the footwear B2C market, which is a swift and irresistible influence.

Mr. Wang: Belle is mainly the general generation of international brands in China. The impact should be on the e-commerce companies that are positioned in the international front-line brands. The product structure of is mainly domestic brands, so there is no conflict from the channel. No effect.

Reporter: How many people are there in the shoes network? Is there a talent shortage?

Wang Zong: Currently, there are less than 150 people in the network. The main reason is that our IT system is very sophisticated. From the processing of the order process to the synchronization of the order and inventory information of the supplier API, many of our processes are automated. Now that our consumers are shipping from the order to the warehouse, we do a lot of basic work in as little as six minutes. In the future development, with the increase of business volume, professional customer service personnel, technical personnel, our team still needs to continue to expand.

Reporter: Finally, I want to understand a problem. How do you think the future industry's competitive situation will develop?

Wang Zong: The proportion of Chinese consumers buying shoes online is still very low. As the size and growth of our entire shoe market continue to increase, the penetration of online and offline consumer groups is constantly improving. We should continue to improve the customer experience. Only by bringing more offline consumers to online purchases, we can join together to make online sales bigger and we can enjoy each other.

I am very grateful to Mr. Wang for sharing our valuable entrepreneurial experience for us today. Today's interview is over. Thank you.

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