"May 1" outbound travel encounters "falling cold"

The "May 1st" holiday is coming soon. This long season of flying grass is supposed to be the peak season for outbound tourism. However, due to the earthquake in Japan and the nuclear radiation crisis since then, the outbound tour in Shanghai suffered a "cold spring".


The "gap" of the Japanese tour is difficult to make up

The "May 1" small holiday is only three days, so the East Asia line, which was dominated by Japan and South Korea, and the island line such as Phuket and Bali are the main products. Since the "3.11" earthquake, Japan's tourism has basically stopped, and the charter flight route that Chuanqiu originally planned to open in late March to central Japan is delayed. So far there is no news. A person in the tourism industry disclosed that the current crisis in the Fukushima nuclear power plant has had an impact on the tourism market in Japan and even in South Korea. Tourists are reluctant to go to Japan and areas that may be affected by radiation at this time, but in fact, the impact of nuclear radiation in South Korea should be Not very big, but people are psychologically fearful. It is reported that the Spring and Autumn International Travel Service is currently launching a special product based on Gangwon-do, South Korea, to create an increase in Korean tourism.

Japanese and Korean tourists have dropped sharply, which is good for emerging tourism markets in Asia such as Cambodia and Vietnam. Recently, the number of tourists in Cambodia and Vietnam has risen markedly. It is reported that during the "May 1" period of the Spring and Autumn International Travel Service, there were two charter flights, of which the charter flights on the 29th were all full, and the charter flights on the 2nd had also sold 60%. The South Asian lines such as India and Nepal have recently turned hot. The Spring and Autumn International Travel Service recently launched an 8-day tour of India and Nepal, as well as an 11-day tour of Tibet and Nepal. The tour route combining Tibet and Nepal not only swept the many places of interest in the two places, but also flew over the Everest from Lhasa. Overlooking the world's first peak, the tourists like it very much, plus the price is only 9,000 yuan, the price is higher, so many applicants.

Egypt Tour Stops and Middle East Tour

This year, the political turmoil in the Middle East has intensified, especially in the tourist powers of Egypt, and the situation has remained unclear. This has had a negative impact on the country's tourism market. Recently, travel agencies have rarely gone to Egypt. It is understood that Shanghai now has not only a tour of Egypt, but also bilateral and multilateral tourist routes between Egypt and Jordan, Turkey, Israel, etc., but Egypt’s tour has been blocked, and these “rings” of Egypt’s tourism portfolio have been affected, although Egypt belongs to “ The niche market, but the attention in this area is still high, and its influence has been enlarged. At present, the Middle East market only has sales of products mainly based on Dubai luxury tours, and this year has maintained a certain upward trend.

In the face of sudden and unfavorable situations, travel agencies have also adopted a more flexible approach to grouping in a timely manner. In the past, international delegations required at least 20 people, but now there are some Sri Lankan in-depth tours. For a little extra fee, 2 people can also In line, this kind of group model similar to free travel makes those who like small groups and private tourism have their own travel destination. (Global Travel News)

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