Mebo Hong Kong Actively Participating in HOSFAIR Shenzhen 2012

Recently, Mebo Hardware Manufacturer, a famous Chinese and western gold and silver factory from Hong Kong, has actively applied for entrance to the 2012 Shenzhen International Hospitality Equipment & Supplies Fair and determined a booth of 54 square meters. Opening up new markets and seizing new business opportunities in the current market environment will be a magic weapon for the exhibitors to realize sustainable competitive advantages.
Mebo Hardware Manufacturer is a Chinese and western gold and silver factor with large scale in Hong Kong which has supplied excellent gold and silver products for local and overseas restaurants and luxury hotels. Through such manufacturing processes as casting, punching, welding and grinding and then by advanced electroplating process, bronze ware finished products will be processed into advanced shining gold and silver products in the factory, in order to ensure that all the products can meet the requirements of customers. In addition to quality products, the company has spared no efforts to serve the customers from different countries with an attitude of loyal services and customer first. The factory has not only made timely delivery, offered the detection for after-sales services, free warranty period and given its customers the suggestions on how to clean and store such gold and silver wares. With the booming business, it has enjoyed the international reputation in the industry due to recommendations among customers from different countries.
In order to further promote the brand and expand the market, Maple Hardware Manufacturer will show a high-profile appearance at the 2012 Shenzhen International Hospitality Equipment & Supplies Fair from November 6 - 8, 2012. Mabo Hardware Manufacturer sincerely welcomes and invites new and old customers to visit, negotiate and order at Booth No.: 086-088*125-127, Hall 2, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

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