Ningbo First Half Consumer Complaint Report: Beauty Salon

The Ningbo Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce released yesterday the 12315 complaint report data analysis report for the first half of 2011: The city received 11557 consumer complaints in the first half of the year, an increase of nearly 40% year-on-year, and saved 448.716 million yuan of economic losses for consumers. Among them, the number of complaints for beauty salon services grew fastest, and for the first time became the category with the highest number of complaints.

The beauty salon became the focus of complaints. At the beginning of this year, Ms. Chen from the public saw Jiangdong Performing City Aoxing beauty and hairdressing shop play a polite advertisement, saying that as long as you charge 3,000 yuan, you can consume 5,500 yuan, plus another 800 yuan, and you have the chance to draw. , to win "Hong Kong and Macao on the 5th tour."

She was charged 3,800 yuan and consumed once on the same day. However, when she went to the store to spend, she found that the store door was closed and the owner and the beauty stylist did not know where to go. Ms. Chen then complained to 12315. There are also many consumers who are just as fools as Ms. Chen. The industry and commerce department has received 54 related complaints involving a value of more than 70,000 yuan.

After mediation by Ningdong Industry and Commerce Bureau of Ningbo Jiangdong Commerce and Industry Branch, the third company took over the shop. Consumers consume according to the principal, and the value-added portion does not bear. In addition, the items in the store can be discounted by 20%. In this regard, consumers also accept that .

Apparel and footwear complaints ranked first among commodity complaints. Apparel complaints for this year exceeded the number of complaints for food and household appliances for the first time. A total of 898 complaints were accepted, up 29% year-on-year. Concerning the intensive business promotion activities in the first half of the year, consumers’ purchasing power, and strong sales of apparel and footwear, it mainly reflects the quality problems in the purchased apparel and footwear products, and the lack of timely implementation of after-sales service shops.

Complaints about communications services continued to rise In the first half of the year, the city received a total of 816 communications service complaints, up 31.6% year-on-year, but it retreated to second place in the category of service complaints.

Due to the substantial increase in the penetration rate of communication services, the increasing number of mobile phone users, call services, mobile Internet access, and the continuous launch of various package services, the related complaints have increased.

Reflected issues, there are mainly bill charges errors, advertising promotions and actual inconsistency, bills package changes, SP business customization and billing disputes, mobile Internet traffic charges disputes.

Online group purchases into recent complaints New hotspots In the first half of the year, 118 calls were received and 35 such complaints were received. The main problem is that the use of online coupons for physical store purchases is limited; group purchases are inconsistent in product and service content with online promotion; online group purchasers have not implemented the after-sales service business; , Agreed to refund but not returned directly to the consumer but retired to the group purchase network account.

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