Successful completion of the “Danxia” of the six Danxia landform scenic spots in the World Heritage List

Fujian Taining [] The August 34th World Heritage Conference held in Brasilia on August 1st, with the message of "China Danxia" as the 6 Danxia Landform Scenic Area. ..


Fujian Taining

[] The 3rd World Heritage Conference held in Brasilia on August 1, 2010, the 6 Danxia Landform Scenic Areas under the name of “China Danxia” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The committee approved the application and was officially listed on the World Heritage List. The six declaration points are Fujian Taining, Hunan Lushan, Guangdong Danxia Mountain, Jiangxi Longhu Mountain (including Guifeng), Zhejiang Jianglang Mountain, and Guizhou Chishui. So far, the number of World Heritage sites in China has increased to 40.

The six declaration points of the “China Danxia” project show the evolution process of Danxia landforms. It is a natural “history book” that witnesses the change of geography and geomorphology in Danxia area, and is a great material and cultural heritage dedicated to China by nature. It is also a valuable "gift" that China has dedicated to the world. Wang Zhiguang, the head of the Sixth Provincial Office of the World Heritage Office, described this at the scene: "'China Danxia' is a jewel in the world heritage. We must protect this pearl and make her more awkward. Efforts to achieve sustainable development."


Lushan, Hunan

So far, China’s World Heritage has increased to 40. In the days to come, it is believed that there will be more great material and cultural heritages that will enter the eyes of the people of the world. Honor and fame will inevitably bring attention to the boom and more. Development opportunities, but how to balance the advantages and disadvantages between economic interests and cultural themes, under the premise of protecting our "World Heritage", better investment and economic benefits will require the relevant departments to focus on careful thinking. problem.

Zeng Shaoping, director of the Office of the World Natural Heritage Management Committee of Jiangxi Province, also emphasized that the success of the application is only the beginning, and the work after that is more important. He said: "The heritage protection is leather, the use of the heritage is hair, and the skin will not be stored, and the local government will coordinate the relationship between the two."

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