The most lively and colorful incense in Liqiu

[May Point Network] Liqiu, July, the fire broke out in August, the summer is almost coming to an end, rushing to the end of the summer bus, taking her, and then traveling through the mountains and waters, no need to sweat, walk carefully...

[May Point Network] Liqiu, July, the fire broke out in August, the summer is almost coming to an end, rushing to the end of the summer bus, taking her, and then traveling through the mountains and waters, no need to sweat, walk carefully, slowly appreciate Nature's lively fragrance along the way. In this small series, I recommend to you a few places to get the best of the autumn, cool and transparent.

I. Jiuzhaigou



The living water springs in Jiuzhaigou are exceptionally clean, and the layers of lakes in the shape of ladders are filtered. The water color is transparent and the visibility is up to 20 meters. Cuihai, Die Waterfall, Cailin, Xuefeng and Tibetan Love are known as the “five musts” of Jiuzhaigou. It’s beautiful and beautiful. In August, the rain is abundant, the climate is the most comfortable, the water quality is more clear and transparent, and the skylight clouds are reflected in the lake. The mirrors are bright, the landscapes are compatible, and the lakes and mountains are compatible. Autumn is the most splendid season in Jiuzhaigou, with colorful red leaves and colorful forests reflected in the bright lake. The colorful falls in the rhyme of the lake. The distant clear sky is blue and clear, and the most beautiful scenery in nature is full of eyes.

2. Changbai Mountain Tianchi


Changbai Mountain Tianchi

Changbai Mountain Tianchi is the source of the Songhua River. Because it is in a high position, the water surface is 2150 meters above sea level, so it is called "Tianchi". Tianchi Lake is deep and clear, like a magnificent jasper inlaid in the mountains, making people like a fairyland. The climate of Changbai Mountain is changing rapidly, and there are often steams filled with wind and rain. It is like a fairyland. On a clear day, the peaks and shadows of the clouds are reflected in the blue pool. The colors are colorful and the scenery is fascinating, making the Tianchi looming. There is a wonderful scene in Tianchi, “the water is bright and the sun is fine, the mountains are empty and the rain is strange”, but not every passenger. Can be seen casually. There was a monster in the lake that was sensational, and it is still a mystery. The fall of Changbai Mountain is the most beautiful, and you can see the beautiful alpine tundra landscape at high altitudes. Because of the high UV radiation at high altitudes, the flowers are beautifully colored. August is the golden season for viewing flowers, watching birds and watching the Tianchi.

Third, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a sacred mountain in the minds of the Naxi and Lijiang peoples. The "three flowers" of the Naxi people's protection gods are the incarnation of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Lijiang also holds the once-grand annual "Three Festivals". In the Tang Dynasty, the Nanzhao Kingdom looked for the times, and the Nanzhao king of the country sought to seal the Yuebai Mountain. The Zenglong Snow Mountain was given to Beiyue. The Beibei Village of Baisha Village still exists, and the courtyard is still deep and the Buddha face shines. The worship of the mountain pilgrims is endless. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, shining with silver light, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the early autumn is the most comfortable, the sky is clear, the wind is smooth, the mountain flower is gorgeous. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is famous for its danger, strangeness, beauty and show. Its magnificent, exquisite and beautiful. With seasonal and climate change, sometimes the clouds are steaming, and the jade dragons are hidden. Sometimes the blue sky is cloudless and the peaks are shining.

Fourth, Hulun Buir Grassland


Hulunbuir grassland

The Hulun Buir Grassland is the best preserved grassland in China. It has abundant aquatic plants and grows more than 120 kinds of nutrient-rich pastures such as sodic grass, needle grass, dragonfly and ice grass. It is also known as the “grass kingdom”. "The sky is like a scorpion, the four fields are covered, the sky is green, the wild scorpion, the wind blows the grass and the cows and sheep are low." The Hulunbeier grassland in August is not only a landscape, but also an open mind, but also a fat lamb. ..... This lamb is the right season, don’t miss it, don’t rush out, let’s go.

5. Qinghai Lake


Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is located in the northeast of Qinghai Plateau. It has a vast territory, vast grasslands, numerous rivers, abundant water and grass, and a quiet environment. The lake is surrounded by four high mountains: the north is Chonghong's magnificent Datong Mountain, the east is the majestic Sun Moon Mountain, the south is the vast Qinghai Nanshan, and the west is the winding rubber mountain. In the summer and autumn, when the surrounding mountains and the vast grasslands of the west bank are covered with green clothes, the mountains of Qinghai Lake are beautiful, the sky is high and the scenery is very beautiful. The vast and rolling millennium grassland is like a thick layer of green carpet, the colorful wildflowers, the green carpets dotted with brocade, the countless cattle and sheep and the fat man The horse is like a colorful mottled pearl covered with grassland; the tidy farmland of the lake is tidy, the cauliflower is golden, and the fragrance is overflowing; the blue sea, the water and the sky, is like a glass of syrup.




Zhangjiajie collects water to erode the landforms, and the karst landforms are all in one. The mountains and rivers in the territory are in harmony, and the mountains and rivers are fascinating. The most amazing four are: sound, moon, shadow, light. "Three Thousands of Qifeng Eight Hundreds of Silks" There are more than 3,000 peaks rising from the ground. They are different in shape, seemingly human, and have a divine shape. They are amazing. Wulingyuan, Tianzishan, Jinbianxi, streams, springs, and waterfalls are scattered among them. The forests are dense and the flowers and plants are everywhere, like a natural landscape painting. Zhangjiajie often showers in July. When it rains, the mountain road is slippery, and there are often fogs in the mountains. When climbing, you need to pay attention. In the first 1-2 hours after the rain, it is the best time for Zhangjiajie to travel. I saw the smog. It is like a fairyland. People are here, just like walking in the clouds. Suddenly the sun is shining from the fog, and the golden light is shining. The mountains in the sun shining and the clouds are looming. Therefore, in the early autumn, the temperature is suitable (temperature: 17.9 ° C, 13.9 ° C, 8.7 ° C). The rain is less, the air is as clean as the water, and it is best to enjoy fruit and climb.

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