Two-section travel, the ticket is tight and the price rises by 20%

At present, the concept of tourism has gone from the multi-national tourism of the net-type to the “one-country era” with a deep appreciation of charm. (Information picture) [May point network] Mid-Autumn Festival, "Eleven" holiday plus 6 days of annual leave, you can...


At present, the concept of tourism has gone from the multi-national tourism of the net-type to the “one-country era” with a deep appreciation of charm. (data picture)

[May Point Network] Mid-Autumn Festival, "Eleventh" holiday plus 6 days of annual leave, you can have a 16-day break, this year's rare combination of long holidays has made countless people heart. However, the reporter learned yesterday that due to the Mid-Autumn Festival and the "Eleventh" holiday during the World Expo this year, Shanghai's air tickets to domestic and overseas destinations are relatively tight, and the price increase is expected to exceed the same period of the previous year. It is expected that the "11" long-term travel price this year will be expected. It will rise by about 20%, and the number of places will be relatively tight. Some US travel agencies have signed up for 70% of the US and Canada routes.

"11" long-term quotes may rise 20%

"This year's two-section and public holidays can be combined for a longer holiday, but the travel agency line is still mainly about 10 days, and the longest is about 16 days." Dong Ming, general manager of Shanghai Jinlv Exit Department told reporters People who are particularly concerned about longer holidays are usually more inclined to go on a self-help trip than to join a group. Dong Ming said that this year's double festival is due to the fact that during the World Expo, the reduction of the number of seats is inevitable. In the past, travel agencies were able to get 10 groups of seats on a certain route. Now they can only get six or seven regiments. Bit. Because of this factor, the number of routes in some destinations such as the United States, Canada, and Europe is relatively tight, and a small number of routes have been reported to be 70%.

Along with the reduction in the number of seats, the price of air tickets has risen. It is reported that the price of group air tickets during the "11" period in previous years can be about 50% off, while the price of group tour tickets in the same period of this year is 70% and above. Zhao Dexiang, general manager of Shanghai International Travel Outbound Tourism Center, told reporters that the increase in European routes during the “11” period was generally between 10% and 15%, and this year's increase may be around 20%. "This year's '11' registration started earlier, the airline ticket price has not yet come out, but it is expected to be higher than the same period of the previous year, so we will inform you in advance when booking, the actual tour fare is subject to the ticket price. The increase may be around 20%."

Wrong peak travel can avoid a large number of passengers

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival is not far from the "11". If you use the 3-day annual leave plus the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can also have a 9-day holiday. Will the peak trip travel be relatively cheap? In this regard, Wang Yan, Assistant President of Shanghai Airlines International Travel Service, said In terms of long-term outbound travel, the price of the Mid-Autumn Festival is not much cheaper than the “11”, because the passenger flow of each destination during the Expo is relatively large, the ticket has been relatively tight, and the price is firmer.

However, according to the regular law of the “11” Golden Week group fare increase, the period from September 29 to October 2 is usually the most expensive period of travel, and the travel price before and after this period will be relatively cheap. Therefore, even on the long-term outbound tour, the peak trip may not be favorable, but it is still possible to obtain a cheaper price than the "Golden Week" in Southeast Asia and domestic routes. In addition, it is also a good choice to avoid the crowds of people traveling during the “11” period by using the wrong peak travel.

In addition to the travel agency team, the discussion on the direction of the two-section travel in the travel forums of major websites was also very enthusiastic. Hulun Buir Grassland, Japan, Turkey, etc. all entered the travel menu of “Tourist”. However, due to the limited distance between the two quarters and the large flow of visitors during the Expo period, it is difficult to buy discount tickets for self-help travel. (News Morning News)

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