West District of Xining City Bans Four Family Beauty Salons According to Law

The reporter learned from the Traffic Lane Industry and Commerce Institute of the West Branch of Xining City Administration for Industry and Commerce that four family-owned beauty salons were banned due to unlicensed operations and one individual business owner was investigated for fraudulent use of the company’s business activities.

Traffic Lane Industrial and Commercial Administration recently conducted a comprehensive inspection and rectification of all types of operators in street offices, apartments and sub-districts along the street. When inspecting an apartment building, it was found that there were 4 family-owned beauty salons engaged in business activities without handling any business formalities, 1 individual business owner fraudulently used the company's name to conduct business activities, and law enforcement personnel spotted unlicensed business activities on the spot. They investigated and dealt with activities in the name of fraudulent companies.

Through this rectification and rectification, illegal operations have become lawful operations, and market operators have been further regulated. At the same time, operators have done a good job in propagating laws and regulations that ban unlicensed operations, and actively guided them to be lawful, law-abiding, and civilized.

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